Sunday, December 7, 2014

Schnell on the guardsman mythos: bright new morning

"it was obvious the will to conquest and the soul of the great war was
a repudiation of the muse, which was contramanded by fatal doses being
administered to the offenders. The muse was then thrust upon them and
collapsed their empires. But then in the daydreaming time at the
beginning of the atomic age, the muse was packed away with old
uniforms and medals, and as the watchmen speech was obviated by
murder, the muse was called by a society of peaceniks that had never
uttered the name before. It was an uncomfortable, inept sound, that
was barely recognizable. They would have to learn and adapt, or be
overrun by their own hysteria. But comes the muse with a vengeance
after years of the screams, and a bright new morning in the land of
the free did begin." -snowball schnell, the guardsman mythos versus
red utopia.

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