Sunday, November 30, 2014

the guardsman mythos, second excerpt

"through moonsoaked gloom, many prussians ran foolish, stricken by the
muse, but thought then to be lunatics, or of the cult of luna, with
logic and motivations intriquing to the sensible, but incapable of any
understanding and/or measurement. In the night they watch the square
of moonglow on the floor and some of those feel the calling, the pull
of the muse, the dread whisper of the secret which drives common
people to a wildness that is as old as the dirt. In the asylums, they
ran amok through the torchlit hallways, orange ambience give their
coloring an extra note of wildness, as if from the campsite of a
forgotten epoch, with them all being haphazard, askew, mishung and
searching, trying to get yet closer to the muse." -todaggi beefarini

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