Sunday, November 30, 2014

the guardsman mythos, second excerpt

"through moonsoaked gloom, many prussians ran foolish, stricken by the
muse, but thought then to be lunatics, or of the cult of luna, with
logic and motivations intriquing to the sensible, but incapable of any
understanding and/or measurement. In the night they watch the square
of moonglow on the floor and some of those feel the calling, the pull
of the muse, the dread whisper of the secret which drives common
people to a wildness that is as old as the dirt. In the asylums, they
ran amok through the torchlit hallways, orange ambience give their
coloring an extra note of wildness, as if from the campsite of a
forgotten epoch, with them all being haphazard, askew, mishung and
searching, trying to get yet closer to the muse." -todaggi beefarini

mythos of the muse, a fake secret?

"it was the residue of pre-renaissance darkness that fueled these
lethargic nudes: blank, staring men with flaccid members, and women
reclining, halfasleep, of a nebulous indifference. The muse was a
whisper that was held close, and still visible today as a void in the
plain white geometry of modern art that is so sure of itself and at
once insecure to its own real meaning. Empty red blocks and black
crosses scrawled by learned men, mimicking the innocent experiments of
children. It is no wonder the inner circles yearn for the muse,
still." -todaggi beefarini, excerpted from 'the guardsman mythos'.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

pikes turn for football commentary

"f**k liverpool." -david allejandro pike, on his last day as a
football presenter

That old beloved pastel pony

"sometimes its best not to dwell on your situation, but instead
retreat into dreamland. This is a common technique for me. In my
daydreams i am a pastel pony, beloved and petted by all, sated on my
fill of oats, apples and salt." -david allejandro pike, from his days
as a football presenter, before being fired.

Friday, November 21, 2014

continuing words of the turquoise revolution

"without a higher understanding or an appreciation for the greater
meanings of all things, indeed without even sufficient education, each
of us can catch a glimpse of the natural order, the matrices, the
gravitational circles, the lattice works and the honeycombs that bind
reality itself, if we are simply to look about in the course of the
day." -david allejandro pike, excerpted from his book 'how the hunger
games changed my life and can change yours, too', used with kind

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Truth mountain!

"the truth is there, shining on the hilltop, but for the rest of us,
we are in the valley, on the shadowside, opposite the light." -david
alejandro pike, excerpted from his book, lego 9/11, with kind