Saturday, October 18, 2014

developments and happenings

to luce, on the impending nuptuals: father says the pills make him
feel like a man again. Im proud of him. Better living through
chemistry, or a forgotten episode of breaking bad. Mother is a
tireless bundle of energy, walking by wiping all the bums and noses
with a dishrag that never seems to get dirty. I am closer yet to
creating a monster, my monster, one to lurk amongst the flowers,
waiting to unleash an existential rage on the unsuspecting. Hopefully
this finds you well, luce, and i shall soon see your locks and lace
bouncing through my garden with a thimble of tea and a sweet biscuit.
I shall carve thy sweet name into a tree and watch through the weeks
as the wounded treeflesh scars over and gets used to thy sweet
name.... Luce....