Monday, July 7, 2014

movie: repulsion

A right cute girl, and sympathetic, but it was when I saw her sleeping naked on the bedroom floor that my heart fluttered. I became a fan in that moment, not just a disinterested spectator. This is a tight work, keeping to what could be called a bare minimum of detail to advance the story of this woman's decline, despite marvelous detail, and dreams, and the delusions are marvellous, too as they dominate the story. No back story, no tales of childhood torments. No blaming the parents or the indifferent community. The walls, oh dear, watch the walls.... I've debated in the course of preparing this bit, whether or not I would like to be in her bedroom as the midnight bell's chime, when the unseen fun begins, and I've decided I would indeed want to be there, if for no other reason than see what she does, for this is when she is at her peak of insanity, driven mad by the bells, seeing dangers that aren't there, and yes, she winds up naked on the floor. It's interesting, a minor milestone in cinema, to watch a woman's psyche degrade over a short period of time, but is it interesting to see something on film that happens around me in the neighborhood Wallmark every time I'm there? Then of course there is the glittering Fordist bit where the neighbors come over and find the deadwood. Not a fan of that, but it is a post-mortem, a damning bit for the little lady, putting daylight to her insanity then looking at it in it's uncomfortable splendor, under the eyes of a cross-section of society. That's Fordist, I say, in a film written and directed by Polanski. Fine performances and a modicum of quotable dialog. I've retained the bit where the landlord says "it's the trashbin for you, my lad" to the cooked duck or chicken or what-have-you. That bit has been stuck in my head ever since, long after I stopped wondering what Catherine Deneuve was doing after those midnight bells. Talented and tightly controlled, but perhaps longer on promise than anything else. 8/10

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