Wednesday, March 12, 2014

destiny fate and the other superfriends.

time-i speak of time now-, that little weatherbeaten man in the
circular glasses. Can you see him behind the big desk, or do you only
hear his occasional cackle? Yes, he has a sense of humor, or better
yet call it bedevilment, irony, contradiction, and flabbergast. He
has no emotions though, so dont judge his ill-timed laughter too
harshly. Bribe him with sippy drinks or suffer at your own peril to
his sociopathic ravages! Love will cool, hatred will destroy,
attraction will blind by his hand, and everything dear will melt into
the fog! Heed this mortals, for time, like the beast of revelation,
comes with great wrath and the crushing weight of a tidal pull because
he knows our time is short!

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