Monday, July 15, 2013


in a scenic locale, relieved of funds and my erotic entertainment...
I know she found someone new, another loser(for every loser, a match,
a counteracting force, so that the universe doesn't get indigestion
from all the negative energy). My adoration. Listening to her
disorganized dreams, ego unchained with a psychedelic bent-things that
would make you hang yourself if you read it on a fortune cookie.
Kisses, wherever you are.

Friday, July 12, 2013

a delicate sound of blunder

"here lies abaddon1215. Laudible and filled with merit and mirth.
Ran away with the married woman down the street(darla grymgorge), but
dont judge him harshly, because he paid dearly for that escapade. He
thought the dog would only bite his leg, but he was wrong, again.
Remember that when you remember him; he was wrong, again."

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mrs. Grymgorge revenges herself.(I)

I think she's unconscious, lying beside me, but i hear her voice:
"your a** will wear out before my foot will", and i know that pesky
thing called impulse control has failed me. I want to believe i
delivered her from the clutches of something detestable-her
significant other-into a more epicurean lifestyle(dont overanalyze
that) of delights and leisure. That love: at first intense, but now,
as enthusiastic as a bag of wet leaves.