Saturday, May 11, 2013

love: that stray toenail in the bed sheets

her beauty: why, i need two of her/in case i break one/her smile: like
a frightened, wounded animal/120 lbs. of stupid in a bag of
coarse-woven manhatred/don't know why some want to grab hold of things
disliked/i was the only one/who shewed an interest in her/no one
better wanted her, maybe/tell her you love her then she'll never
leave(dammit)/every loser has a match, some say/don't like to be
reminded of my mistakes/what bliss-all my faults, explained/in one
angry sitting/can she dodge a lamp?/thinking "i shouldnta showed her
where i live"/if i cause amnesia on her/can i pretend she's someone

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