Sunday, January 6, 2013

to shine in a dim place(II)

the room nondescript/table, two chairs/and the murderer/slouching/a
haphazard pile of evil/safely tucked away now/the eyes-old
pebbles/lifeless lights/that may have once held dancing flames/but
that furnace has grown cold/the face once tense/now relaxed with a
chemical haze/its folds and lumps/telling a story itself/of a shadowy
place that births/such quiet monsters/as i take my seat/he mumbles
something/"none of this matters"/and it stops me/only for a moment/but
i'm not deterred/if i must i'll hold/him in the air by his feet/and
fill him with my queries/then sift through the/bile and mucus that
oozes from him/for my answers!

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