Thursday, January 3, 2013

to shine in a dim place(I)

the sanitarium/no mid-morning touches/just cheap lights/drab walls/me
with a hot beverage/and a sweet pastry/with filling like jam/must not
allow myself to fatigue/"dinks needs you"/so i go to the very end/of
the top hall/like jack climbing the beanstalk/to stare at the shiny,
oiled/scalpflesh of Dinks/"you are asked to consult/try, with your
numb brain/to analyze/for we must diagnose/that marcus
dumpchorkle"/who, you say, sir?/"the Fukkee Valley killer!"/my career,
my reputation/made on one patient,/the famous one!/my own clinic built
off/one who made over a hundred/just disappear/like magic/and i, a
showman, revealing/the alien creases of that mind

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