Thursday, January 17, 2013

they call me Mr. Abaddon...

i had a profoundly positive feeling recently, and was made silent by
it. Still, if you look around, you see the world is poo. Poo stacked
on poo. Poo folded and tucked, starched and pressed, and maybe with
an occasional floral arrangement. At the same time, I was reading a
book about the future, in which the author hinted at all sorts of
wonderous advancements. There were beings that transcended existence
as we know it(turns out they had been sucked into a very advanced
computer-and luckily they only needed ten terabytes for storing
themselves!). One moment i'm thinking of some vaguely hopeful future
in which man supercedes himself, and the next moment, i'm plastering
the bathroom(a movement), here on earth. I wonder what a criminal
investigator would think of the aftermath of one of my bathroom

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