Sunday, January 20, 2013

being wicked(or a life in phases)

First, the youngers years are spent ruthlessly pursuing pleasure, and
maybe teachings of social contrivances will stay with one, or not.
Second, the being standing on it's own two legs for the first time
buys five acres of land, and builds a five-room shack, with little
help. There would be a wood heater(a portly iron beast on the floor
of the small sitting room) for the winter and small electric fans with
metal blades that turn lazily during the summer. The being sits clad
only in underwear, in the sunlight on the uncovered porch, with a
quarterly puzzle magazine resting on the right thigh. Food: any fare
in a bag, maybe a big bag, a bulk size, servings dispensed with a
glass measuring cup. Chips, grits, etc. Griddle cakes with burn
marks. It is a time not for pleasure, but for self-absorption. If
the being had younglings, he would beat them, to prepare them for the
hardships of life, and after a time maybe his own weariness and
skittish floundering would imprint upon them.

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