Saturday, December 1, 2012

to get a good shine(two)

Marcus took three hitchhikers in the afternoon swelter, stabbing the
life from each in the rear compartment of his four-wheel-drive,
watching it ooze out quickly at first, then trickling as the life
energy ebbed. One by one, he delivered them to the space underneath
his mobile home and fed them to Roy the gator. They were eaten in
several mighty bites. Afterward, he and Roy embrace-the huge gator
and the little man. Marcus beckons Roy: "tell once more that heroic
epic-the tale of they life after you departed your mother's loving
busom." Roy belches. Marcus thinks this was the remnant of the
second hitcher, the faggot actor. That one had shifty eyes, smoked,
and said he would be famous someday. Marcus had made him cry before
he succumbed to his fate.

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