Saturday, December 1, 2012

to get a good shine(three)

When night finally comes, Marcus steals into the dim moonlight for the
little green house down the way that belongs to his lover, cora. Cora
would give him a good shine. After he finds her, he announces himself
and approaches on her good, living side, that which still functions.
She sits all day and waits for him. She is old, fat and black as
coal, but she is sweet and willing. Her kisses taste of vinegar and
rotten fish. When she recognizes him, she stirs from a slumber and
reaches with her good hand. He helps her to her tiny bedroom and
raises her ruddy dress tail. She trembles, but not for him. The
source of his longing is a torrent of thought in his mind. Far away,
he is revisiting the scene of an automobile accident that killed
three. The blood and smashed glass were nearly enough to give him a
good shine, but he had caught a brief glimpse of a mangled body! It
had excited his senses as nothing else could.

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