Sunday, December 2, 2012

to get a good shine(four)

Under the mobile home, Roy dozed. A vision came to him of his old
life, and he was seeing the old show. It was in a big room next to
that old gas station on the state highway. There had been cheap
fireworks, burnt popcorn, religious trinkets, and other such wonders.
His companions had been a bird that hated him enormously and a snake.
He fancied himself a good performer. He remembered all the happy
faces, those with sparkler stick, and their foolish delight. This
excited him so that he awoke, only to be greeted by the blackness. He
began to move, in the old routine, back and forth in slow rhythm. He
raised his left leg and it made a slow arch through space. The he
repeated this with his right rear leg. He went on and on, his mouth
opening further each time, until there appeared on his face a stupid
grin. Behind those jagged, razor teeth and yellow eyes was a beast
too old to be sane.

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