Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Opus" Intro 0.1

Hello. I am still bad all day, and even when sleeping, but my voice changed recently. I developed a voice that was clinical, lecturing, on deviance, and then yet another that was crude and direct and very much deviant. In the Opus, there will be blissful, ecstatic deviance with some of the characters. This might not seem a rosy picture of people, but I am working a theory about how people form associations in their brains. I feel that if you peel back the skull of most persons, you would find quite a mess(a brain!), and in that mess there are all sorts of cognitive conjunctions between everyday things. And I find it interesting. And I'm going to write about it. I also intend to do a few things with symbolism that are new. This is inspired by the recent unpleasantness. I will demonstrate that there are several verbs which-in my mind only-mean something completely different than common usage. It will get interesting and it may be misunderstood. But do I care? No, because I am only here to amuse myself. Don't worry, though. You know "how I do". I do what makes me feel good here and then move along.

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