Friday, November 30, 2012

to get a good shine

summertime: when satan's fiery breath holds the land and that burning
orb hangs on the horizon too long a time. The seemingly endless dusk
denies the promise of a sweet cool night. Leaves hang on the trees
limp, curled, depleted. The grass is fading from green to sickly
yellow. The flowers are suffocating. The petals are wilters. It the
heat lasts much longer, it will destroy everything.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

indifference, second

blue green world/puts a chill in my spirit/impress me with
wonders?/not hardly, brother/blue green world/dust and water that it
is/universe/neath the swaying pines/think i got it all in my
head/makes it none more sensible/universe/got no answers for me....

indifference, a lyric

Damn flea/nip me again/i'll track down/your kin/damn flea/make me so
angry/dirty hyena/i see you circling/takes a pack/to make me
fall/dirty hyena/t'ain't scared at all/big ass bear/nosing round my
camp/thousand pounds rotten fish/wrapped in a dirty carpet/make me
hide in my tent/big ass bear/don't eat all my trail mix

Monday, November 26, 2012

today is another day

Grab some tequila and blue pills, then hit me in the face as hard as you can. This is gonna be...... good. I think of jesus. After his death the romans came to his tomb and moved the boulder in front of the door. As they entered they were saying to themselves "where is that insecure motherfu**er?!" The perplexity only lasted a moment, for Jesus was standing above them on the rocks with an assault rifle and big bucket of ammunition. As he unloading on the romans he shouted "and take that you roman honkey sissies." Then he proceeded to find Paul and hit him in the face with his belt buckle. I'm still trying to piece together my old discount store Easter tale. It will be good. It expressed the old rage, in a subdued manner. To Danica: You know you need to let me service your chassis. Wine country. Bath tub. Thank you and good night.